We collect and carry out catalytic converter recycling and electronic waste

while proposing a systematic approach to getting paid fast and easy

We offer the best prices for catalytic converter recycling and electronic scrap to companies and individuals interested in sustainable development and proper disposal of various end-of-life materials.

We buy and recycle

Catalytic Converters

Our extensive experience in catalytic converter recycling has shown that each converter is unique. While they may appear similar, the precious metal content varies, making some converters significantly more valuable.

We offer a specialized system for evaluating catalytic converters, enabling clients to maximize profits from higher-value units. Utilizing our latest analyzer, we accurately determine the precious metal content in each catalytic converter, allowing us to provide top prices for our clients’ items.

We buy and recycle

Electronic Waste

We recycle a wide range of e-waste, including processors, RAMs, circuit boards, and other electronic components. Our electronic waste recycling practices are conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail. By handling electronic scrap responsibly, we ensure that valuable materials are recovered efficiently.

Our commitment to sustainable e-waste management helps in reducing environmental impact and promotes the recycling of electronic waste in a safe and effective manner. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for all types of electronic scrap.

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Get expert evaluation for your catalytic converters and electronic waste. After a thorough assessment, we offer top prices for your materials.
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Deliver material

We ensure the responsible recycling and disposal of collected e-waste and catalytic converters. Committed to sustainable development, we offer top prices for these materials while maintaining proper handling and disposal practices.
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Get paid fast

After examination of the material, payment can be made by cash or instant money transfer into the bank account.

About us

PT Delta Metals International was registered in 2014. Since the incorporation, we have found many partners and suppliers in Indonesia. The key activity of the company is the collection and recycling of secondary raw materials. What our clients like the most about us are that we always pay top prices!

Our mission is to guarantee top quality services for our customers while maintaining long-term industry relationships with our partners.

We value trust above anything else and strive to reach a point of quality where our customers would conduct business with us for long years to come.

About us

Our work ethics

Our social and ethical policies involve high standards of care for our employees and the community. We employ qualified and well-trained people who help us to maintain our company as a competitive business unit in a current fast-paced business environment.